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  • EN [ tʃeɪn]
  • US [ tʃeɪn]

English definition


  • 1. a series of things depending on each other as if linked together;

    • "the chain of command"
    • "a complicated concatenation of circumstances"
  • 2. (chemistry) a series of linked atoms (generally in an organic molecule)

  • 3. a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament

  • 4. a number of similar establishments (stores or restaurants or banks or hotels or theaters) under one ownership

  • 5. anything that acts as a restraint

  • 6. a unit of length

  • 7. a series of hills or mountains;

    • "the valley was between two ranges of hills"
    • "the plains lay just beyond the mountain range"
  • 8. metal shackles; for hands or legs

  • 9. a necklace made by a stringing objects together;

    • "a string of beads"
    • "a strand of pearls";


  • 1. connect or arrange into a chain by linking

  • 2. fasten or secure with chains;

    • "Chain the chairs together"

Example sentences

  • These jewels are strung together on a silver chain.

  • I didn't want to chain you down , feel free to use your own ideas.

  • He owned a hotel chain.

  • She had a silver peace symbol hanging on a chain around her neck.

  • The rope fouled the anchor chain.

  • The dog is fastened to the post by an iron chain.

  • Individualism has been the secret ingredient in developing his chain of fashion stores.

  • Each link that makes up a chain is equally important.

  • He now owns a chain of 970 food stores.

  • He joined the ends of the chain.

  • A chain of beacons was lit across the region.

  • Some people believe that work is a better means of order and discipline than chain and castigation.

  • We had to move water by a chain pump because the electric pump had broken down.

  • Chain smokers don't care about the dangers of smoking.

  • After buying a new chain I was faced with the insurmountable task of putting the confusing jigsaw puzzle together again.

  • It set off a chain reaction in the international money markets.

  • This poses a threat to agriculture and the food chain, and consequently to human health.

  • After twenty years as a chain smoker Mr Nathe has given up the habit.

  • The dogs continued to paw and claw frantically at the chain mesh.

  • The islands lie at the southern end of the Kurile chain.

  • Clasp the chain like so.

  • The Aleutian chain is a long arc of islands in the North Pacific.

  • She wore a fine chain about her alabaster neck.

  • Students tried to form a human chain around the parliament.

  • The whole food chain is affected by the over use of chemicals in agriculture.

  • The house price chain is gummed up.

  • When she had an affair with her friend's husband, she wittingly set off a chain of crises.

  • She sees the bar as a starting point and eventually plans to run her own chain of country inns.

Phrase collocation

  • pull (或 yank) someone's chain

    (US informal)tease someone, typically by leading them to believe something untrue

Synonym discrimination

  • fasten, tie, bind, secure, chain



Meaning of chain

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