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  • EN [ ˈtʃɔ:ki]
  • US [ ˈtʃɔːki]

English definition


  • 1. composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk

  • 2. having the color of chalk;

    • "she turned chalky white"

Example sentences

  • The chalky soil around Saumur produces the famous Anjou wines.

  • Incorporating organic material into chalky soils will reduce the alkalinity.

  • Her face became a chalky white.

  • Shallow burial seems to preserve chalky textured porosity.

  • Each animal has a chalky skeleton.

  • The cotyledons of the mature embryo are either green, yellow or chalky yellow.

  • The light outside had chilled, and threw a chalky whiteness on the river.

  • Eurasian thistle growing in sand dunes and dry chalky soils.

  • Soil in the Champagne region is either chalky or a clay - chalk mixture.

  • When over applied, white, chalky deposits may appear after drying.

  • Use it to clean chalky holds before and after you climb.

  • A complexion that had been pastelike was now chalky white.

  • She turned chalky white.

  • It was sealed by a wall and contained chalky soil to the depth of one metre.

  • What did she see when she looked at the strange, chalky - skinned family that was universally avoided?

Meaning of chalky

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