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  • EN [ tʃiːk]
  • US [ tʃiːk]

English definition


  • 1. either side of the face below the eyes

  • 2. an impudent statement

  • 3. either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

  • 4. impudent aggressiveness;

    • "I couldn't believe her boldness"
    • "he had the effrontery to question my honesty"


  • 1. speak impudently to

Example sentences

  • Her cheek came to rest against my shoulder.

  • He received a lash of her hand on his cheek.

  • The bloke has cheek enough.

  • He gave her a slap on the cheek.

  • She planted a kiss squarely on his cheek.

  • His cheek is stuffed with pear.

  • Blood trickled slowly down his cheek.

  • She had a tiny mole on her cheek.

  • The two lovers danced cheek to cheek.

  • It was incongruous to see a thief sitting there cheek by jowl with the policeman.

  • A bumblebee stung me on the cheek.

  • The police say the suspect has a slight blemish on his left cheek.

  • a chaste kiss on the cheek

  • She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

  • He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

  • a scar on his cheek

  • She knelt and brushed her lips softly across Michael's cheek.

  • She pecked his cheek.

  • A branch whipped her across the cheek.

  • "No doubt he'll give me the chance to fight him again," he jibed, tongue in cheek.

  • I still think it's a bit of a cheek sending a voucher rather than a refund.

  • He gouged her cheek with a screwdriver.

  • How did you get that bruise on your cheek?

  • I bent over and kissed her cheek.

  • "A handsome offer", she replied, tweaking his cheek.

  • The mirror clouded beside her cheek.

  • The cheek of it, lying to me like that!

  • He nipped Billy's cheek with two rough fingers.

Phrase collocation

  • cheek to cheek

    (of two people dancing) with their heads close together in an intimate and romantic way

  • turn the other cheek

    refrain from retaliating when one has been attacked or insulted

  • cheek by jowl

    Side by side; close together.


Meaning of cheek

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