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  • EN [ tʃiːf]
  • US [ tʃiːf]

English definition


  • 1. a person who is in charge;

    • "the head of the whole operation"
  • 2. a person who exercises control over workers;

    • "if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman"


  • 1. most important element;

    • "the chief aim of living"
    • "the main doors were of solid glass"
    • "the principal rivers of America"
    • "the principal example"
    • "policemen were primary targets"

Example sentences

  • The chief criminals shall be punished without fail, those who are accomplices under duress shall go unpunished and those who perform deeds of merIt'shall be rewarded.

  • Singing is her chief delight.

  • Peanuts now outrank cotton as the chief crop.

  • The gang chief went everywhere accompanied by his henchman.

  • The chief engineer is very busy and can't be in attendance at today's meeting.

  • His chief playmate was his dog.

  • He gave the name of the chief culprit.

  • His chief worry was that he might fail.

  • The Chief Justice gave his judgement the week before.

  • Playing billiards is my chief recreation.

  • He's the president's chief political strategist.

  • Her chief hates are gambling and stealing.

  • Vincent's father is a tribal chief.

  • Chief Supt Pauline Clark

  • In the squash court his chief aim is to flatten me.

  • NATO remains the United States' chief institutional anchor in Europe.

  • The repository of all important knowledge in a small town was the chief barman of the local pub.

  • That's John Gibb, operations chief for New York Emergency Management.

  • He sent a letter inviting Naomi to attend his installation as chief of his tribe.

  • The chief sponsor of the New York law, state Senator Emanuel Gold, says he's not giving up.

  • The Chief Inspector disliked being overburdened with insignificant detail.

  • The chief of naval operations wants to open opportunities for women in the Navy.

  • Financial stress is well established as a chief reason for divorce.

  • "I'd like to talk to the lads if you don't mind." — "Of course not, Chief."

  • I have not achieved my goal in becoming chief constable, a rank I know I could have worthily held.

  • The Chief Constable deeply resented any intrusions into his manor.

  • The chief protagonists in the row are Visa and Mastercard, the world's leading credit card brands.

  • 75 percent of chief executives come from inside the company.

  • If she were involved in business, she would make a strong chief executive.

Phrase collocation

  • chief cook and bottle-washer

    (informal)a person who performs a variety of important but routine tasks

  • in chief

    (Heraldry)at the top; in the upper part

  • too many chiefs and not enough Indians

    used to describe a situation where there are too many people giving orders and not enough people to carry them out

Synonym discrimination

  • chief, head, leader, boss

  • chief, principal, main, major, leading, capital, foremost, primary


Meaning of chief

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