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  • EN [ ˈtʃaɪldɪʃ]
  • US [ ˈtʃaɪldɪʃ]

English definition


  • 1. indicating a lack of maturity;

    • "childish tantrums"
    • "infantile behavior"

Example sentences

  • This is a harmlessly childish game.

  • The little girl spoke a high childish voice.

  • Of childish days is upon me, my manhood is cast.

  • Those eyes are always mysterious and precocious ¨ C whether or not they seem totally childish.

  • I still shudder with shame at the memory of my childish outlook back then.

  • Jack is a childish, all day plays.

  • We eventually ran out of patience with his childish behaviour.

  • Dreams in a childish mind are so fantastic like catching clouds in the sky.

  • It's surprising that you adults are being so childish at such a critical moment.

  • We danced around with childish delight.

  • The marking on the wall was childish and unsightly.

  • Such childish fancies as she had had of fairy palaces and kingly quarters now came back.

  • He never dreamed that his request would be laughed off as a childish fancy.

  • A childish idea like that can be amusedly tolerated.

  • The sight brought back to his mind a rush of childish recollections.

  • It is a childish idea.

  • He can be extremely understanding and kind one minute , and completely unreasonable and childish the next.

  • There was no beard upon his chin; his voice was a childish treble.

  • You would be laughed out of court with such a childish question.

  • Don't be childish any more.

  • The little girl spoke in a high childish voice.

  • Are you a party animal ? Your works look so cute, how do you keep you childish innocent?

  • Those are childish thoughts.

  • Don't afraid if someone said we are childish, for this means you are young and vigorous.

  • Don't be so childish.

  • When a girl grows up, she puts childish habits on the shelf.

  • Don't be so childish!

  • She's just being childish and immature.


Meaning of childish

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