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  • EN [ tʃɪŋk]
  • US [ tʃɪŋk]

English definition


  • 1. offensive terms for a person of Chinese descent

  • 2. a narrow opening as e.g. between planks in a wall

  • 3. a short light metallic sound


  • 1. make or emit a high sound;

    • "tinkling bells"
  • 2. fill the chinks of, as with caulking

  • 3. make cracks or chinks in;

    • "The heat checked the paint"

Example sentences

  • Grant it but a chink or a keyhole, and It'shot in like a white - hot arrow.

  • She must have a chink in her armour somewhere.

  • This letter opened a chink of hope.

  • Sometimes she saw the flash of a torch through a chink in the curtains.

  • Sunlight enters the room through a chink in the curtain.

  • Another chink out of your armour?

  • She must have a chink in her armour somewhere. If we could only find it!

  • Through the chink he saw the fiery morning of high summer.

  • In control group, the papillae appeared shrunken chink , and the clinical recurrence rate was 22.5 % ( P < 0.05 ).

  • Through a chink she could see a bit of blue sky.

  • Chink: a slight, metallic sound, As of coins rattling in a pocket.

  • He peeped through a chink in the fence.

  • By the way, I'm visiting the Chink once a week again.

  • Chink a narrow opening, such as a crack or fissure.

  • I heard the chink of coins.

  • Snow sifted through a chink in the window.

  • Before sitting down he peered through a chink up at the nextdoor window.

  • I could hear the spoons chink in the glasses.

  • Light sifted through a chink in the wall.

  • He watched them secretly, through a chink in the wall.

  • Sunlight entered the room through a chink in the curtains.

  • His love of drink is his chink in the armor.

  • A chink in France Football's information bunker?

  • a chink in the curtains

  • He peered through a chink in the curtains.

  • I noticed a chink of light at the end of the corridor.

Phrase collocation

  • a chink in someone's armour

    a weak point in someone's character, arguments, or ideas which makes them vulnerable to attack or criticism

Meaning of chink

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