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  • EN [ klæmp]
  • US [ klæmp]

English definition


  • 1. a device (used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together


  • 1. fasten or fix with a clamp;

    • "clamp the chair together until the glue has hardened"
  • 2. impose or inflict forcefully;

    • "The military government clamped a curfew onto the capital"

Example sentences

  • Push the anchoring side bars against the pinch weld clamp. Hammer the wedges firmly as shown.

  • The widely using of patch clamp technique has greatly promoted our knowledge of ion channels.

  • Glue them together and wrap with plastic wrap, clamp tightly and let dry.

  • The operation of a Baker clamp is discussed below.

  • Nail head clamp the unravelling of nail exteriorize broken nails and clean.

  • SMC DMC molded products : Widely used in electrical field such as bus bar clamp.

  • Should adjust the spacing so that the splint splint can clamp back.

  • Blades without clips are held by screws and the clamp handle.

  • The patch clamp technique has become the main method for the molecule and cell researching.

  • Production: The shrimp clamp cut should be, foot to the waters Lek.

  • To signal the end of a conversation , clamp your hands over your ears and grimace.

  • The contact area between clamp and terminal is either silver or copper.

  • In the school shop it is used for projects like hammer heads and clamp parts.

  • Clamp the two pieces of wood together until the glue dries.

  • Using cooperated with Pulling Tester, need specification of clamp installing.

  • A coil clamp optzation method based on finite element analysis is put forward.

  • From 2008, efforts accelerated to revive the public distribution system and clamp down on markets.

  • In a further attempt to clamp down , residents say Burmese authorities have cut off Internet access.

  • He used a clamp to hold the arm on the chair until the glue dried.

  • Clamp one end of the plank to the edge of the table.

  • Banking regulators failed to clamp down until earlier this month.

  • Courts in Scotland have ruled it illegal to clamp a car parked on private ground and then to demand a fine.

  • The team manager has been quick to clamp down on the merest hint of complacency.

Phrase collocation

  • clamp down

    To become more strict or repressive; impose controls

    • clamping down on environment polluters.


Meaning of clamp

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