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  • EN [ klentʃ]
  • US [ klentʃ]

English definition


  • 1. a small slip noose made with seizing

  • 2. the act of grasping;

    • "he released his clasp on my arm"
    • "he has a strong grip for an old man"
    • "she kept a firm hold on the railing"


  • 1. hold in a tight grasp;

    • "clench a steering wheel"
  • 2. squeeze together tightly;

    • "clench one's jaw"

Example sentences

  • Happiness seems meteor, who can accompany to me clench it.

  • He had to clench his teeth to stop himself from shouting with delight.

  • Please clench your fist again. You will feel a little pain.

  • From out the past, and make her clench her hands?

  • You need to gently clench thearound sides of the fastening, and then squeezethe hooks release.

  • She felt a clench in her stomach as she saw him.

  • Breathe out slowly and then clench your abdomen muscles.

  • I felt the clench of his hand on my arm.

  • His father taught him how to tie the clench.

  • I'll try to do it carefully. Please clench your fist.

  • His hands continued to clench and unclench.

  • The doctor told him to relax and not to clench his hands like that.

  • The boxer clinched his opponent; clench a steering wheel.

  • The person that how will create grandly and read reader clench?

  • Mike clench his hand with a wrathful spark in his eyes.

  • I felt my jaws clench and teeth grind together.

  • His fists clench and unclench in leashed frustration at his impotence.

  • Patsy had to clench her jaw to suppress her anger.


Meaning of clench

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