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  • EN [ kli:k]
  • US [ klik, klɪk]

English definition


  • 1. an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose

Example sentences

  • Heavy agronomy clique and Si Mi order of believe in nature.

  • The remaining 1 or 2 per cent form their clique.

  • The club is dominate by a small clique of intellectual.

  • People are already saying Miss Liu's brother is in the'Wang Clique'.

  • Whether can Chengdu clique borrow a group to buy the fare of collection businessman?

  • If the renegade clique of that country were in power , it would have meant serious disaster for the people.

  • You're not suggesting we should play one clique off against the other?

  • In finance domain, this clique basically attacks the deficit financing policy of Keynesia creed centrally.

  • The military structure of the puppet clique is getting too broken to be propped up.

  • Riddled with a thousand gaping wounds , this reactionary clique is now beset with difficulties and contradictions both in internal and external affairs.

  • A heuristic method at functional unit allocation is also presented to improve the clique partition algorithm.

  • Some and broke commandants, they were birds of one feather and formed a small clique.

  • Advocate the home is afraid that he is cheated, clique lackey follows.

  • On this point they are entirely at one with the capitulationist clique.

  • The reactionary ruling clique was torn by internal strife.

  • The club is dominated by a small clique of intellectuals.

  • Can I just say that we don't have a clique problem at this school?

  • A clique is a terrible thing that leads to many failures and mistakes.

  • I've had nothing to do with him since he got in with that rather disreputable clique.

  • Shi Zhengfeng said that in Democratic Progressive Party's clique struggles is also very obvious.

  • They tried to make their protests heard by the ruling clique.

  • It might, at last, silence the small but noisy intellectual clique.

  • At university, Taylor had fallen in with a small clique of literature students.

  • Anna Ford recently hit out at the male clique which she believes holds back women in television.


Meaning of clique

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