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  • EN [ ˌkəʊə'lesns]
  • US [ ˌkəʊə'lesns]

English definition


  • 1. the union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts

Example sentences

  • It is formed by the coalescence of the first three neuromeres in the embryo .

  • The particles are preferably prepared by the limited coalescence polymerization technique.

  • It is formed by the coalescence of the first three neuromeres in the embryo.

  • The phenomenon represented a sudden coalescence of intellectual or sensitive people with the lumpen elements.

  • Conclusion The therapy of small needle - knife can promote fracture coalescence in rabbits.

  • Objective To explore the effect and mechanism of small needle - knife therapy for fracture coalescence.

  • The coalescence between short cracks leads to crack propagation and the crack path is predominantly transgranular.

  • The coalescence mechanism was explored through comparison experiment of oil removal performance of several coalescence fillers.

  • The same kind of reasoning can be used to explain vertical coalescence of bubbles in beds.

  • Combined with the parameters determined by experiment, internal recycling continuous flow reactor for coalescence was designed.

  • The interaction between joints and the coalescence of joints are important problem for geotechnical engineering.


Meaning of coalescence

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