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  • EN [ kəʊˈhɪərəns]
  • US [ koʊˈhɪrəns]

English definition


  • 1. the state of cohering or sticking together

  • 2. logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts

Example sentences

  • The link and coherence to two different definitions.

  • The organized background knowledge also leads us to predict aspects in our interpretation of discourse coherence.

  • Thereafter, I adhered to the coherence inherent to the theory.

  • Enterprise culture should be glorified with coherence strengthened.

  • We will get back to these ideas when we consider coherence theory in more detail.

  • The coherence of contract allocation and institution allocation means the relationships of mutual complementary , accordion, and evolution.

  • He has consistently criticized the overall coherence and a clear demarcation of consciousness.

  • The coherence analysis thus provides a new tool to investigate regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

  • Make an inventory every months, keep the coherence between account, material and card.

  • Corporation announced receipt of CE mark for their OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography ) imaging system and catheter.

  • Relevance theoryexplanatory force in explaining the role of discourse topic over textual coherence interpretation.

  • Task coherence predicts what users will do in the future with reasonable, but not absolute, certainty.

  • Coherence has been said to be a criterion, but not a definition of truth.

  • There was no coherence between the first and the second half of the film.

  • Clear and appropriate thematic progression one of the conditions for textual cohesion and coherence.

  • This article lacks unity and coherence.

  • He was starkly unable to achieve coherence.

  • Manipulation of atomic coherence now becomes an important technique to control quantum and even classical processes.

  • I think the technique fights coherence.

  • Further more, cognitive reference based on semantic relevance can also account for textual coherence.

  • But Mr. Meacham said that national coherence was still a worthwhile goal.

  • In procedure aspect , argumentation from coherence needs an equal debate and dialogue among judge attendee.

  • The points you make are fine, but the whole essay lacks coherence.

  • She lost consciousness and when she came round she still lacked coherence and focus.

  • The anthology has a surprising sense of coherence.

  • The campaign was widely criticised for making tactical mistakes and for a lack of coherence.

Meaning of coherence

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