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  • EN [ kəʊˈhiːʒn]
  • US [ koʊˈhiːʒn]

English definition


  • 1. the state of cohering or sticking together

  • 2. (botany) the process in some plants of parts growing together that are usually separate (such as petals)

  • 3. (physics) the intermolecular force that holds together the molecules in a solid or liquid

Example sentences

  • But what's the explanation behind this lack of cohesion , and the inability to grind out results?

  • In such fine sediments, cohesion is an important factor in determining critical conditions.

  • Textual meta function consists of such three aspects as thematic structure, information structure and cohesion.

  • As a linguistic feature of the text, cohesion is the basis a text to be understood.

  • It'still believes in solidarity and social cohesion, in small farmers and local markets.

  • It undermines cohesion and creates dissension.

  • We were essentially agnostic about how and when political cohesion came about.

  • Books and periodicals on the cohesion and effectiveness of resin content, gummed coating thickness and grooving.

  • The Department for Work and Pensions research studied the of age on equality and social cohesion.

  • In other words, the electric energy helps to explain the cohesion of the crystal.

  • The leader publicly apologizes to restore the group's internal cohesion and external reputation.

  • The functions such as and cohesion realized by nominalizing metaphor in a discourse are studied.

  • There are five types of cohesion: reference, substitution, ellipsis, conjunction and lexical cohesion.

  • Instead, the report says internal power struggles have left the government lacking cohesion.

  • Film processing operation of cohesion depends on laminated Binder for performance.

  • Textual meaning is realized by thematic structure, information structure and cohesion from the lexicogrammatical level.

  • The collapse of national civility and cohesion made it difficult for the disputants hear each other.

  • High cohesion facilitates removal after surgery.

  • Fourth, their activities had a strong pedantic style and Confucian ethos, of unified thinking and cohesion.

  • Owing to its great explanatory power for cohesion, Halliday's theory has won widespread acceptance. "

  • Clear and appropriate thematic progression one of the conditions for textual cohesion and coherence.

  • Translation of cohesion in international treaties is comparatively more difficult in reference , substitution and ellipsis.

  • The theory of lexical cohesion is obviously quite useful to English teaching.

  • The power of culture is deeply rooted in the vitality, creativity and cohesion of a nation.

  • the cohesion of the nuclear family

  • What is missing, however, is an internal, artistic cohesion.

  • By 1990, it was clear that the cohesion of the armed forces was rapidly breaking down.


Meaning of cohesion

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