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  • EN [ ˌkɒləˈkeɪʃn]
  • US [ ˌkɑːləˈkeɪʃn]

English definition


  • 1. a grouping of words in a sentence

  • 2. the act of positioning close together (or side by side);

    • "it is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors"

Example sentences

  • Next, should pay attention to colorific reasonable collocation.

  • Flash gold and soft classical collocation of yellow, are of romantic feelings more incisively and vividly.

  • What is called and coherence in writing is intrinsically the collocation relations of words and expressions.

  • To check the information convenient, please add the collocation to your favorites.

  • Collocation is an important concept of linguistics linguistics as well as the core domain corpus linguistics.

  • Radau collocation method has high accuracy and good numerical stability.

  • Collocation is an important part of the study of semantics.

  • Tourism externality would lead to the low efficient collocation of social resources.

  • Banker: There are two other modes. One is collocation; the other is letter of Credit LIC.

  • The concept of relative word frequency ( RWF ) is presented for evaluating the strength of word collocation.

  • This article focuses on the system reform organization, personnel collocation andexpenditure respect to research and investigate.

  • Customers have an option to select a collocation in accordance with the specific products.

  • At last, the boundary collocation method is used to calculate the energy release rate.

  • Apply the collocation of floor colour, line reasonably, build very comfortable vision space.

  • Honey and what collocation are good!

  • Grammatical cohesion includes reference, ellipsis, substitution and conjunction and lexical cohesion refers to reiteration and collocation.

  • In recent years, English vocabulary teaching has been getting more attention, especially the English collocation teaching.

  • The development of computer corpora provides a new approach for collocation study.

  • First step in gradual collocations of nonlinear system is nonlinear collocation , the others are nonlinear filters.

  • The actual specification collocation of machine depends on the quoted price.

  • Investor's behavior influences effectively collocation of resources through influencing the asset pricing.

  • This way can offer us the reference for busbar design collocation and non power compensate.


Meaning of collocation

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