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  • EN [ kəˈmjuːnəti]
  • US [ kəˈmjuːnəti]

English definition


  • 1. a group of people living in a particular local area;

    • "the team is drawn from all parts of the community"
  • 2. a group of people having ethnic or cultural or religious characteristics in common;

    • "the Christian community of the apostolic age"
    • "he was well known throughout the Catholic community"
  • 3. common ownership;

    • "they shared a community of possessions"
  • 4. a group of nations having common interests;

    • "they hoped to join the NATO community"
  • 5. the body of people in a learned occupation;

    • "the news spread rapidly through the medical community"
  • 6. agreement as to goals;

    • "the preachers and the bootleggers found they had a community of interests"
  • 7. a district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences

  • 8. (ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other

Example sentences

  • He refuses to join any community.

  • The whole community turned out to wipe out the four pests.

  • He succeeded in negotiating Britain into the European Community.

  • The local community was shocked by the murders.

  • In rural areas, the school is often the focal point for the local community.

  • the local Jewish community

  • The relationship between the police and the local community has improved.

  • They said Mr Jenkins should make balanced programmes about the Black community or move over and let someone else who can.

  • Hard times are forcing community colleges to turn away students.

  • This could mean the closure of thousands of small businesses which serve the community.

  • There is a smouldering anger in the black community.

  • She now also does pottery classes at a community centre.

  • They are appealing to the world community to come to Jordan's assistance.

  • The community reacted quickly and spread the word about safe sex.

  • Community radio is a concept which is much more localised.

  • She is a well respected member of the international community.

  • He has learnt little in his dealings with the international community.

  • His belief is that the future of the Community lies in looking outwards.

  • Her new book is a pointed look at life in a small community, and the position of women within it.

  • He'd been mandated by the West African Economic Community to go in and to enforce a ceasefire.

  • The community is very mixed, not least because there are plenty of small industrial enterprises.

  • The only consolation for the Scottish theatre community is that they look likely to get another chance.

  • The pregnant woman in such a community has the support of all the womenfolk in her extended family.

  • They thought it was a good idea to make some offenders do community service.

  • Your community officer can give you advice on how to prevent crime in your area.

  • Community leaders want to strengthen controls at external frontiers.

  • Two of our greatest strengths are diversity and community.

Phrase collocation

  • the international community

    the countries of the world considered collectively

Meaning of community

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