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  • EN [ kəmˈpæniən]
  • US [ kəmˈpæniən]

English definition


  • 1. a person who is frequently in the company of another;

    • "drinking companions"
    • "comrades in arms"
  • 2. a traveler who accompanies you

  • 3. one paid to accompany or assist or live with another


  • 1. be a companion to somebody

Example sentences

  • He turned to his companion before he replied.

  • She and he were congenial companion in youth.

  • The companion volume will soon be published.

  • I used to have a companion to that ornament, but I broke it.

  • Both my travelling companion and I wanted to go to Waterloo — that historic battlefield.

  • The seeing eye dog was the blind man's constant companion.

  • His brother is not much of a companion for him.

  • She becomes a companion to a foreigner.

  • He's not much of a companion for me.

  • She is a dependable companion.

  • The boy struck at his companion who had jeered at him.

  • She longs to be his companion through life.

  • That book forms a companion to the present volume.

  • Fear was the hostages' constant companion.

  • My companion suggested that we park out of sight of passing traffic to avoid attracting attention.

  • Our only companion is the wandering albatross, which glides effortlessly and gracefully behind the yacht.

  • He has been her constant companion for the last four months.

  • He was a charming travelling companion.

  • She was a wonderful companion and her generosity to me was entirely selfless.

  • He was not a fit companion for their skipper that particular morning.

  • He gazed reflectively at his companion.

  • I asked my travelling companion what he thought of the situation in Algeria.

  • He is a wonderful companion and we can talk for hours on end.

  • He was a good friend, a dependable companion.

  • Taking his cue from his companion, he apologized for his earlier display of temper.

  • You come over as a capable and amusing companion.

  • He was a cheerful and uncomplaining travel companion.

  • At dinner, share a half carafe of agreeable wine with an agreeable companion.

Synonym discrimination

  • associate, companion, comrade, colleague, fellow, partner


Meaning of companion

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