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  • EN [ kəmˈpærɪsn]
  • US [ kəmˈpærɪsn]

English definition


  • 1. examining resemblances or differences

  • 2. relation based on similarities and differences

  • 3. qualities that are comparable;

    • "no comparison between the two books"
    • "beyond compare"

Example sentences

  • This dress is really cheaper by comparison.

  • There is no comparison between the two.

  • The bulk and weight of coal required in the majority of manufacturing industries is large in comparison with the bulk and weight of other raw matericals.

  • I'll just cite some figures for comparison.

  • By comparison with London, Paris is small.

  • My garden doesn't stand comparison with his.

  • In comparison with the disastrous damage made by the earthquake, my personal loss is negligible.

  • There is no comparison between them.

  • A comparison of the two teams indicates that Saturday's game will probably be close.

  • That old building is not so imposing as it used to be in comparison with other tall modern structures.

  • They make a comparison of New York to a beehive.

  • This is a very apposite comparison.

  • He came off well by comparison with the others.

  • The comparison of her life to a sea voyage simplifies her experience.

  • Any comparison that is not strictly factual runs the risk of being interpreted as subjective.

  • I think these books can stand comparison quite happily with works by Dickens.

  • There is no comparison between the knowledge and skill of such a player and the ordinary casual participant.

  • A younger child will benefit more from an older sister's help than from an unfavourable comparison between their progress.

  • The film bears favourable technical comparison with Hollywood productions costing 10 times as much.

  • The amount of carbon dioxide released by human activities such as burning coal and oil is small in comparison.

  • Since he came to live with me, we have been subject to a campaign of spite and revenge which makes Lady Sarah appear angelic by comparison.

  • The rest of the arts scene looks increasingly turgid by comparison.

  • Those places are modern by comparison with Tresillian.

  • Is the human heart weak in comparison with the other organs?

  • He finds the comparison of insect wings with a sailing boat useful up to a point.

  • To have a better comparison, we need to go further and address such issues as repairs and insurance.

  • That comparison isn't as wide of the mark as it seems.

  • He puffed the new system by showing how badly his existing system performed by comparison.

Phrase collocation

  • bear (or stand) comparison

    be of sufficient quality to be likened favourably to someone or something of the same kind

  • beyond comparison

    another way of saying beyond compare

  • by/in comparison

    when compared

    • the Prime Minister's support staff is tiny in comparison with that of a US President.

Meaning of comparison

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