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  • EN [ kəmˈpleɪsnsi]
  • US [ kəmˈplesənsi]

English definition


  • 1. the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself;

    • "his complacency was absolutely disgusting"

Example sentences

  • Be modest in learning , for complacency is the enemy of study.

  • But we must not let this confidence drift into complacency.

  • That complacency set China behind for nearly two centuries.

  • But their complacency was short lived.

  • Warn the team against complacency in the next match.

  • The danger for Latin America is complacency.

  • Do not let complacency set in.

  • In the den , complacency only breeds frustration.

  • Think so, it is finished, it room for complacency.

  • Setbacks can be a good thing, forcing you out of your complacency.

  • His complacency was absolutely disgusting.

  • But what will puncture that complacency?

  • He had an air of complacency.

  • Conceit and complacency are the archenemy of unity.

  • Ideas of inertia and complacency are both wrong.

  • I thought that our complacency had caught up with us.

  • Good news, for sure, but isn't there too much complacency?

  • Complacency could easily result in tragedy.

  • Your teaching and research has made good progress, but you should against complacency.

  • And disappointment is a disease that spawns laziness, complacency, and resentment.

  • This may lead to complacency and even arrogance.

  • After all, nothing kills progress like complacency.

  • We must rid ourselves of complacency.

  • Despite signs of an improvement in the economy, there is no room for complacency.

  • He accused the government of slackness and complacency.

  • Mr Lowe warned against complacency.

  • She warned that there was no room for complacency on inflation.

  • The team manager has been quick to clamp down on the merest hint of complacency.

  • Such complacency is costing the company dear.


Meaning of complacency

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