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  • EN [ kənˈsiːt]
  • US [ kənˈsiːt]

English definition


  • 1. feelings of excessive pride

  • 2. the trait of being vain and conceited

Example sentences

  • Conceit comes from shallowness; arrogance is due to ignorance.

  • The rich man's wealth is his city , and as an high wall in his own conceit.

  • As conceit makes one lag behind, so modesty helps one make progress.

  • Someone said that tardiness is the subtlest form of selflove and conceit.

  • No one admires a man who is full of conceit.

  • Fools are wise in their conceit.

  • I am out of conceit with the urban life.

  • Knowledge is a matter of science, and no dishonesty or conceit whatsoever is permissible.

  • History tells us that modesty leads to success and conceit, to failure.

  • Conceit and complacency are the archenemy of unity.

  • The lad has a large conceit of himeself.

  • Error is often the precursor of a correct, but conceit is the a fail.

  • Modesty helps one to go forward [ make progress ]; conceit makes one lag behind.

  • Error is often the precursor of what is correct, but conceit is the prelude to a fall.

  • He is wise in his own conceit.

  • There is a savo ( u ) r of conceit in everything he says.

  • Conceit is associated with stupidity and ignorance.

  • Conceit is the enemy of [ to ] progress.

  • A fool is wise in his own conceit.

  • But bloating, laxity, conceit, extravagance and inertia are to be found in certain degrees.

  • She seems to be eaten up with her own conceit.

  • He realizes that conceit has set measures to his progress.

  • He's full of conceit.

  • He is all out of conceit with that book; it is so simple.

  • Critics may complain that the novel's central conceit is rather simplistic.

  • "Your modesty is a cover for your overweening conceit," she said.

  • Pamela knew she was a good student, and that was not just a conceit.


Meaning of conceit

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