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  • EN [ kənˈsent]
  • US [ kənˈsent]

English definition


  • 1. permission to do something;

    • "he indicated his consent"


  • 1. give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to;

    • "I cannot accept your invitation"
    • "I go for this resolution"

Example sentences

  • He has obtained the consent of the dean for going abroad.

  • Shakespeare is, by common consent, the greatest English dramatist.

  • He made the decision without my prior knowledge or consent.

  • The only time I had a brush with the law was when I was falsely accused of taking away a car without the owner's consent.

  • Your silence implies tacit consent to these proposals.

  • My father would not consent to my leaving school.

  • There was no school play because the principal withheld his consent.

  • He smiled his consent.

  • Alexander signified his consent with a nod.

  • My father won't consent to my leaving school.

  • He would sooner die than consent to such a plan.

  • A smile gives evidence of her consent.

  • Subject to your consent, I will try again.

  • Father quietly nodded his consent.

  • I ought first to have asked your consent.

  • Her smile suggests her consent.

  • I agree with you, but yet I can't consent.

  • We considered gravely before giving our consent.

  • You can't obtain my consent by force.

  • Children under 16 cannot give consent to medical treatment.

  • She had incurred the wrath of her father by marrying without his consent

  • By common consent their talk avoided the reason for their being there at all.

  • He left the company by mutual consent last September.

  • By common consent this election constituted a historic step on the road to democracy.

  • He should not commit American troops without the full consent of Congress.

  • Germany had not requested Franco's consent for the passage of troops through Spain.

  • Testing patients without their consent would constitute a professional and legal offence.

  • Can my child be medically examined without my consent?

  • It took Louis until Easter to coax a grudging consent from the French King.

  • We hope you will consent to act in his stead.

Phrase collocation

  • by common consent

    with the agreement of all

    • it was, by common consent, our finest performance.

  • informed consent

    permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits

Synonym discrimination

  • agree, consent, approve, comply, subscribe


Meaning of consent

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