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  • EN [ kən'saɪnə]
  • US [ kən'saɪnə]

English definition


  • 1. the person who delivers over or commits merchandise

Example sentences

  • Frozen plant of company many invest in, attract consignor thick as hail.

  • Consignor: Yes, here it is.

  • Where the consignor violates the previous paragraph, the carrier may refuse to carry.

  • When consignor and shipper are debtors , consignor should precede to perform the obligation.

  • Additionally the existence of trade commercialtransportation center in consignor dock repeats construction apparently.

  • Fully understand the definition, recognition and responsibilities of Known Consignor , Regulated Agent and Airline Aircraft Operator.

  • The consignor of commodities a quota or quota bidding shall be the exporter.

  • Should reduce pair of examination that build consignor commercial and transportation center particularly.

  • Consignor shall arrange for the people of consignee the period of Technical Services.

  • And the consignee or consignor shall make customs declaration the form of a customs declaration form.

  • Article 306 Packing of Cargo in Prescribed Manner The consignor shall pack the cargo manner.

Meaning of consignor

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