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  • EN [ kənˈtɪgjuəs]
  • US [ kənˈtɪɡjuəs]

English definition


  • 1. very close or connected in space or time;

    • "contiguous events"
    • "immediate contact"
    • "the immediate vicinity"
    • "the immediate past"
  • 2. connecting without a break; within a common boundary;

    • "the 48 conterminous states"
    • "the contiguous 48 states"
  • 3. having a common boundary or edge; touching;

    • "abutting lots"
    • "adjoining rooms"
    • "Rhode Island has two bordering states; Massachusetts and Conncecticut"
    • "the side of Germany conterminous with France"
    • "Utah and the contiguous state of Idaho"
    • "neighboring cities"

Example sentences

  • Its vineyards are virtually contiguous with those of Ausone.

  • They are two immediately contiguous areas.

  • Viet Nam is contiguous to China.

  • This district is contiguous to the border.

  • Mutual exclusion is the rule in both discrete and contiguous selection.

  • California and Mexico are contiguous.

  • California is contiguous with [ to ] Mexico.

  • The bridge is contiguous to the house.

  • Discrete data is not necessarily homogeneous, and discrete selection is not necessarily contiguous.

  • Conversely, some applications represent data as a matrix of many small contiguous pieces of data.

  • In contiguous selection, however, the incoming data always replaces the currently selected data.

  • Discrete data is not necessarilydiscrete selection is not necessarily contiguous.

  • Finally we discuss contiguous mapping properties of the pairwise contiguous spaces.

  • The breadth of the contiguous zone is twelve nautical miles.

  • Each program had to occupy a single contiguous block of storage locations.

Meaning of contiguous

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