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  • EN [ kənˈtrəʊləbl]
  • US [ kənˈtroʊləbl]

English definition


  • 1. capable of being controlled

Example sentences

  • With PWM modulating technique, two high DC voltage controllable powers are generated.

  • Though fearsome as an enemy, his sense of duty to the law makes him easily controllable.

  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor ( IGBT ) as controllable switch, has been applied widely.

  • The segmented magnetization curve fitting provides to the orthogonal controllable reactor's harmonic analysis reasonably and precisely.

  • Controllable silicon circuit, digital display, accurate and precise control.

  • The rules of controllable circulatory ventilation include : adjusting of air, adjusting of temperature and saving energy.

  • The wings have controllable sections known as ailerons.

  • HVDC is high controllable. The control system is the core of DC transmission system.

  • Drugs can make violent patients controllable.

  • For banks, the current volatile market environment, the market fluctuations of the products is not controllable.

  • In this paper , we consider the nonlinear elliptic systems under the controllable growth condition.

  • The paper introduces the feature and application of CST controllable transport system.

  • The slurry capability is the important factor preparation technology of porous bioceramics with controllable macrostructure.

  • Import and export less controllable, as external demand and external conditions.

  • The temperature is raised or held by the controllable silicon medium power heating.

  • In laser cooling and trapping, the controllable force on the atom needs to be investigated.

  • This is controllable with thyroid supplements.

  • A kind of self associative memory model about controllable tolerant fault field is designed.

  • Therefore, a controllable couplers used pulse width modulation.

  • The controllable ability is the important part of the mathematic learning.

  • The actual load has been replaced by a programmed controllable machine in experiment.

  • Frequency bandwidth and duty ratio are main specifications for the controllable neutron source.

  • Control and optimize controllable cost of power supply to reach international medium level of comparable metropolis.

  • This makes the surfboards more controllable.



Meaning of controllable

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