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  • EN [ ˈkʊkə(r)]
  • US [ ˈkʊkər]

English definition


  • 1. a utensil for cooking

Example sentences

  • We call this a gas cooker.

  • Mum has just won a microwave cooker.

  • We heated the soup on the cooker.

  • Then cook in the rice cooker add 5 more cups of water cook dried rice.

  • We engaged in range hoods, disinfection cabinet, Zaoju, Induction Cooker products such as agents and sales.

  • Soak rice grain in water inside Ultimate Rice Cooker for about 30 min.

  • The pressure cooker exploded , and blew open the ceiling.

  • There are three kinds of solar ovens. The first is a box cooker.

  • How do you use the automatic rice cooker?

  • I saw a cock cock a cook on a cooker.

  • The cooker is not yet wired in to the main supply.

  • He fitted my new cooker.

  • The cooker, heaters and other electrical installations are all in perfect working order.

  • A solar cooker never gets that heart hot.

  • Chris: Oh, no! I fell on the rice cooker.

  • The cooker has several temperature settings.

  • The third analogy is: The pressure cooker.

  • We've installed an extinguisher next to the cooker in case there is ever a fire.

  • A solar cooker never gets that hot.

  • Paper burns at 232 degrees Celsius. solar cooker never gets that hot.

  • The microwave cooker is a device I use every day.

  • Is your cooker gas or electric?

  • The gas people haven't called to repair the cooker so I shall have to get stroppy with them.

  • Give the cooker a good clean.

  • We had no fridge, cooker, cutlery or crockery.

  • The slow cooker is very useful for people who go out all day.

Meaning of cooker

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