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  • EN [ ˈkaʊnsl]
  • US [ ˈkaʊnsl]

English definition


  • 1. a body serving in an administrative capacity;

    • "student council"
  • 2. (Christianity) an assembly or theologians and bishops and other representative of different churches or dioceses that is convened to regulate matters of discipline or doctrine

  • 3. a meeting of people for consultation;

    • "emergency council"

Example sentences

  • The two women have been elected to the council.

  • The council was often accused of extremism.

  • The council are pleased with the results of bringing ordinary citizens in on local library planning.

  • Everyone signed the petition to the County Council for a new school in our village.

  • The city council has declared for improving the public bus system.

  • The U.S. President is the Chairman of the National Security Council.

  • The town council decided to pave the square before the Hall.

  • The local council is responsible for the upkeep of roads.

  • The Council of Ministers is the real power in the EEC.

  • She was a British Council scholar.

  • The Council resolved that the next tournament should be held in Shanghai.

  • a member of the parochial church council

  • The council recently drew fire for its intervention in the dispute.

  • Today's Security Council resolution will be a significant success for American diplomacy.

  • The council conducted a survey of the uses to which farm buildings are put.

  • Independent candidates won the majority of seats on the local council.

  • Nudism, the council decided, was doing the resort more harm than good.

  • The amount of grant the council received from the Government was progressively reduced.

  • The town council has refused permission for the march.

  • On 1 December the presidency of the Security Council automatically transfers from the US to Yemen.

  • After two late night sessions, the Security Council has failed to reach agreement.

  • The council does not support lengthening the school day to fit in other activities.

  • The Council answered those questions in the negative.

  • Employee appointment to the Council will be subject to a term of probation of 6 months.

  • Is the council right to be concerned, or is it overreacting?

Synonym discrimination

  • conference, congress, assembly, meeting, rally, council, session, convention, gathering

Meaning of council

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