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  • EN [ ˈkʌzn]
  • US [ ˈkʌzn]

English definition


  • 1. the child of your aunt or uncle

Example sentences

  • My cousin first, don't understand, so not arrogate events for guard to see her . " unfortunately. "

  • She is a cousin on my father's.

  • Hogae: What if my cousin, the one you call greenae, is the real King of Jyooshin?

  • MANY are seduced by gold, but its less illustrious cousin, silver, is now attracting considerable attention.

  • The nearest member of my family still alive is a rather distant cousin.

  • He called cousin with the mayor.

  • Mark boosted his cousin into a better job.

  • She is determined to wreak vengeance on those who killed her cousin.

  • I would like to disabuse your mind of the idea that your cousin has a feeling of hostility to you. On the contrary he spoke to me in the most friendly terms of you.

  • She is a distant cousin.

  • My cousin , who is a painter, is in Japan at present.

  • The renegade is the first cousin to a rattlesnake.

  • His cousin just came for him.

  • She has relinquished the post to her cousin, Sir Edward.

  • He's a distant cousin of mine.

  • I tried again to get ahold of my cousin Joan.

  • Her cousin, a hairdresser, was perming her hair as a special treat.

  • Eric was my cousin Edward's boy.

  • George ducked out of his forced marriage to a cousin.

  • My cousin Mark helped me.

  • Allow me to present my wife's cousin, Mr Zachary Colenso.

  • My cousin Henry, he waltzes in a few months later at three times the salary.

  • His cousin was about to wed.

  • Sakota was her cousin and bosom pal.

  • His cousin was soon cursing luridly.

  • She looks a bit like his cousin Maureen.

  • He invented some story about a cousin.

  • He tracked down his cousin and uncle. The latter was sick.

  • His cousin is somebody quite high up in the navy.

  • The average European kitchen is smaller than its American cousin.

Phrase collocation

  • first cousin once removed

    a child of one's first cousin

    one's parent's first cousin

  • first cousin twice removed

    a grandchild of one's first cousin

    one's grandparent's first cousin

  • second cousin

    a child of one's parent's first cousin

  • second cousin once removed

    a child of one's second cousin

    one's parent's second cousin

  • third cousin

    a child of one's parent's second cousin


Meaning of cousin

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