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  • EN [ krəˈdenʃlz]
  • US [ krəˈdenʃlz]

English definition


  • 1. a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts

Example sentences

  • Present your credentials when you apply for a position.

  • Nevertheless, I checked out his credentials.

  • He has brought his membership credentials with him.

  • Your proposal was well thought out and your credentials are very solid.

  • It was merely to pick up media credentials.

  • Mr Saakashvili is an impetuous nationalist who has lately tarnished his democratic credentials.

  • He has long credentials of diplomatic service.

  • First, he had to establish his credentials as a researcher.

  • Europe's air - to - air missile ( AAM ) developers hold impeccable high - tech credentials and have produced advanced and effective weapons.

  • Liverpool a tough test of their title credentials this weekend to the Emirates to face Arsenal.

  • On January 10 a gentleman arrived to see me at Downing Street with the highest credentials.

  • He sent his wife to the University of California to improve her teaching credentials.

  • The Credentials Committee, appointed by the President at each session, verifies the credentials of representatives.

  • When a Party member is transferred to another place of work, his Party credentials are sent there.

  • Both candidates for the job have excellent credentials.

  • Mr Saakashvili an impetuous nationalist who has lately tarnished his democratic credentials.

  • Eg : She will first have to establish her own leadership credentials.

  • McCain said his national security credentials will help him to accomplish the task.

  • In this sense, my credentials are unsatisfactory.

  • Please show your credentials.

  • He has all the credentials for the job.

  • His Republican credentials made him an asset.

  • Britain's new ambassador to Lebanon has presented his credentials to the President.

  • While some of his peers might quarrel with the title, his credentials remain impressive.

  • Her academic credentials are impeccable.

  • The President will be drawn into a damaging battle in which his credentials will be on trial.

Meaning of credentials

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