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  • EN [ ˌæbsənˈti:ɪzəm]
  • US [ ˌæbsənˈtiˌɪzəm]

Englische Definition


  • 1. habitual absence from work


  • The rate of absenteeism or the absenteeism rate always increase in fine weather.

  • Absenteeism is a problem in some industries.

  • Rightof the blue , seniors about to graduate suddenly become candidates for the Nobel Prize in Absenteeism.

  • Because of this, autocratic leadership usually leads to high levels of absenteeism and staff turnover.

  • Absenteeism has cost the organization thousands of working days this year.

  • There were strict sanctions against absenteeism.

  • Absenteeism as a result of psychological illnesses have doubled in Germany since 1990, according to Stangier.

  • But not even our squad has been able to cope with the absenteeism.

  • School and employment absenteeism increases, as does mortality from pneumonia and influenza, especially in older persons.

  • The superintendent discharged him because of habitual absenteeism.

  • Absenteeism and frequent work stoppage have greatly cut into the efficiency of the plant operations.

  • If it is a high level of teacher lectures, students will definitely absenteeism rate dropped significantly.

  • The rate of absenteeism of the absenteeism rate always increase in fine weather.

  • Japanese workers rarely strike, and absenteeism is almost unknown.

  • How does the supplier cover for absenteeism?

  • Just preparing for tomorrow absenteeism time, rest.

  • The big firm decided to do away with absenteeism.

  • They were discharged from the company because of habitual absenteeism.

  • Absenteeism is high in the week before Christmas.

  • Neither 8 s nor 12 s pullahead in terms of performance, safety, health, worker satisfaction, absenteeism, or overtime.

  • Few active steps have been taken to measure, understand or manage the occurence of absenteeism.

  • The boss discharged him because of habitual absenteeism.

  • His boss discharged him for habitual absenteeism.

  • First, robots never get sick, so absenteeism would be reduced.

  • Last year absenteeism was 2 per cent as compared with a former 10 per cent.

  • Improvements in working conditions helped to reduce levels of absenteeism.

Bedeutung von absenteeism

Es gibt relativ wenig Informationen über absenteeism. Vielleicht können Sie sich eine zweisprachige Geschichte ansehen, um Ihre Stimmung zu entspannen. Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag!

Zweisprachige Lesung des Tages

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • Eine Frau betritt eine Tierhandlung und sieht einen niedlichen kleinen Hund. Sie fragt den Ladenbesitzer: "Beißt Ihr Hund?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • Der Ladenbesitzer sagt: "Nein, mein Hund beißt nicht."
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • Die Frau versucht den Hund zu streicheln und der Hund beißt sie.
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • "Autsch!" Sie sagt: "Ich dachte, Sie sagten, Ihr Hund beißt nicht!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
  • Der Ladenbesitzer antwortet: "Das ist nicht mein Hund!"
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