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  • EN [ feɪm]
  • US [ feɪm]

Englische Definition


  • 1. the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

  • 2. favorable public reputation


  • She is a woman of ill fame.

  • His fame as a poet did not come until after his death.

  • Mao's fame surpassed well beyond the limits of China.

  • He never reaches after personal fame and gain.

  • For him fame does not count for much.

  • One's fame has spread far and wide.

  • The book charts her rise to fame as an actress.

  • He needs no trappings of fame.

  • He is mad for fame.

  • After ten years'hard study noticed by none, his fame fills the land once honours are won.

  • Many people hunt after fame in their lives but never find it.

  • She's seeking fame in the world of television.

  • He is a man of ill fame.

  • After this concert she was firmly on the road to fame and fortune.

  • Shelley's fame had spread in the walls of the college.

  • The reformer's fame spread all over the country.

  • I don't go after fame or money.

  • He got a fine fame for being generous with his money to help others.

  • We shouldn't seek after comfort, personal fame , or gain.

  • the Country Music Hall of Fame

  • a meteoric rise to fame

  • Fame brought her nothing but misery.

  • Photographer Weegee shot to fame with his shocking pics of New York crime in the 30s.

  • Vivienne Westwood has scaled the heights of fashion's hall of fame.

  • He was in the middle of his tenure as Oxford Professor of Poetry and at the height of his fame.

  • Such roles are small beer compared with the fame she once enjoyed.

  • Honda won fame in the 1980s as the little car company that humbled the industry giants.

  • Affleck catapulted to fame after picking up an Oscar.

  • Fame hasn't torn her away from her beloved Liverpool.


  • house of ill fame

    (archaic)a brothel

  • of —— fame

    having a particular famous association; famous for having or being ——

    • the village is the birthplace of Mrs Beeton, of cookery fame.

Synonym Diskriminierung

  • fame, honour, reputation, glory, renown

Bedeutung von fame

Es gibt relativ wenig Informationen über fame. Vielleicht können Sie sich eine zweisprachige Geschichte ansehen, um Ihre Stimmung zu entspannen. Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag!

Zweisprachige Lesung des Tages

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • Eine Frau betritt eine Tierhandlung und sieht einen niedlichen kleinen Hund. Sie fragt den Ladenbesitzer: "Beißt Ihr Hund?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • Der Ladenbesitzer sagt: "Nein, mein Hund beißt nicht."
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • Die Frau versucht den Hund zu streicheln und der Hund beißt sie.
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • "Autsch!" Sie sagt: "Ich dachte, Sie sagten, Ihr Hund beißt nicht!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
  • Der Ladenbesitzer antwortet: "Das ist nicht mein Hund!"
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