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  • EN [ ˈdedli]
  • US [ ˈdedli]

English definition


  • 1. causing or capable of causing death;

    • "a fatal accident"
    • "a deadly enemy"
    • "mortal combat"
    • "a mortal illness"
  • 2. of an instrument of certain death;

    • "deadly poisons"
    • "lethal weapon"
    • "a lethal injection"
  • 3. extremely poisonous or injurious; producing venom;

    • "venomous snakes"
    • "a virulent insect bite"
  • 4. involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death;

    • "the seven deadly sins"
  • 5. exceedingly harmful

  • 6. (of a disease) having a rapid course and violent effect


  • 1. as if dead

  • 2. as if produced by death;

    • "deadly pale"
    • "a deadly paralytic stroke"
  • 3. (used as intensives) extremely;

    • "she was madly in love"
    • "deadly dull"
    • "deadly earnest"
    • "deucedly clever"
    • "insanely jealous"

Example sentences

  • Other names for belladonna include devil's herb and deadly nightshade.

  • Trading on a shoestring raises the pressure to a deadly level.

  • The Type 27 Grenade Discharger also launched deadly grenades into the enemy formation.

  • The scorpion has a sting that can be deadly.

  • It was the deadly striker's 11 th goal of the season.

  • The shock was deadly to him.

  • He has become my deadly enemy.

  • It was deadly poison and if he drank it he'd probably die.

  • It is deadly still.

  • She suffered from a deadly disease.

  • I'm in deadly earnest.

  • Greed is one of the seven deadly sins .

  • Life in a small town could be deadly dull.

  • Some mushrooms contain a deadly poison.

  • It is very unnerving to find out that someone you see every day is carrying a potentially deadly virus.

  • The north wind was bitter and deadly cold.

  • His mother's voice was one he knew; ice cold and deadly.

  • Gluttony is a deadly sin.

  • The United States had been deadly serious in its threat of military action.

  • The two became deadly enemies.

  • The Duchess levelled a deadly look at Nikko.

  • Broadcast news was accurate and reliable but deadly dull.

  • She took the gun and blazed away with calm and deadly accuracy.

  • She finds these parties deadly.

  • They took him to the station and booked him for assault with a deadly weapon.

  • "Whatever you say," he said in a deadly flat voice. "I'll sit here and wait."

  • The authorities are looking into last week's deadly gas explosions.

  • The two together are particularly deadly.

  • It is here that most students fall into a subtle and deadly trap.

Synonym discrimination

  • deadly, fatal, mortal, lethal

Meaning of deadly

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