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  • EN [ dɪˈtɪəriəreɪt]
  • US [ dɪˈtɪriəreɪt]

English definition


  • 1. become worse or disintegrate;

    • "His mind deteriorated"
  • 2. grow worse;

    • "Her condition deteriorated"
    • "Conditions in the slums degenerated"
    • "The discussion devolved into a shouting match"

Example sentences

  • Ninety percentage of the usable natural grasslands have deteriorate to various certain extents.

  • Rubber, which is a standard insulating material, is liable to deteriorate.

  • Although some patients with membranous nephropathy achiee spontaneous remission, renal function continues to deteriorate in others.

  • Corrosives are substances that erode and deteriorate materials on contact, including metals, fabrics, and human tissue.

  • This food will deteriorate rapidly on contact with air.

  • So reliability is likely to deteriorate further.

  • Do you think relations between China and Japan will continue to deteriorate?

  • Kaida's mental illness continues to deteriorate; he dashes out to the road and is knocked down.

  • Patient: No, It'started to deteriorate ten years ago.

  • Lockhart believes that with the increasing corporate layoffs, and the labor market will continue to deteriorate.

  • Food is apt to deteriorate in summer.

  • If foolishly there is no teaching, the nature will deteriorate.

  • Article 45 Artificial recharge ground water may not deteriorate the quality of ground water.

  • He held that this would only cause the situation to deteriorate further.

  • Then Banjo's health began to deteriorate.

  • Water quality can deteriorate in the summer.

  • High total acids content in dry waxberry fruit wine would deteriorate wine quality.

  • His sight have begin to deteriorate.

  • Many kind of senile disease and choric will easily outbreak and deteriorate at this time.

  • However, in the last twenty years of his life, his healthbegan deteriorate and he was miserable.

  • She was taken into hospital last week when her condition suddenly began to deteriorate.

  • Nandazhan should not deteriorate into a boxing ring and market place where people utter personal insults.

  • But after that things deteriorate.

  • Don't avoid situations that may deteriorate; try to mend them.

  • Hydrogen reduces this coating and causes the Element to deteriorate.

  • This is a hopeful result since even frozen DNA tends to deteriorate over time.

  • Police, weary and increasingly sour in mood, wonder aloud why the situation has been allowed to deteriorate.


Meaning of deteriorate

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