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  • EN [ ˌdetrɪˈmentl]
  • US [ ˌdetrɪˈmentl]

English definition


  • 1. (sometimes followed by `to') causing harm or injury;

    • "damaging to career and reputation"
    • "the reporter's coverage resulted in prejudicial publicity for the defendant"

Example sentences

  • Stress too has a detrimental effect.

  • Passive FTP is beneficial to the client, but detrimental to FTP server admin.

  • Resist secret affairs that could be detrimental to your reputation.

  • Lack of sleep is detrimental to one's health.

  • He wouldn't accept that smoking was detrimental to health.

  • His weakness for cigarettes is detrimental to his health.

  • We know that heat treatment is detrimental to milk.

  • High molecular weight and large volume are detrimental to solubility.

  • I'm speaking to denounce the detrimental role of misleading advertisements and commercials.

  • This house would believes that the media's promotion of consumerism is detrimental to society.

  • Building an efficient engine was detrimental to their success.

  • Children have weak resistance in defending this detrimental influence.

  • Extra stuff on the page actually does a detrimental effect in terms of confusion and distraction.

  • Any delay in shipment will be detrimental to our future business.

  • It might have a detrimental impact on international development.

  • Lime in the soil is detrimental to some plants.

  • Scattering is regarded as detrimental factor in conventional lasers.

  • Poor eating habits are detrimental to health.

  • He wouldn't accept that smoking was detrimental to health.

  • While the inclination to procrastinate is common, one must fully consider the detrimental impact of unnecessary delays.

  • Item bias is detrimental to the validity and fairness of language tests.

  • However the channel conflict is a detrimental factor for channel blockage and channel disability.

  • Though expressed out of the best intentions to help, they may be erroneous or detrimental.

  • Selfregulation serves to prevent actions by directors that are detrimental to'interests.

  • A cancellation far less detrimental to their career than failing to show up.

  • All this has proved extremely detrimental to the protection of cultural relics.

  • Very dry or very wet hydrogen is detrimental to long service life.

  • The measures had a detrimental effect.

  • the sun's detrimental effect on skin

  • The government's policy of high interest rates is having a detrimental effect on industry.

Phrase collocation

  • be detrimental to

Meaning of detrimental

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