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  • EN [ ˌdaɪəˈbiːtiːz]
  • US [ ˌdaɪəˈbiːtiːz]

English definition


  • 1. any of several metabolic disorders marked by excessive urination and persistent thirst

Example sentences

  • Oh, I see. You may have diabetes.

  • These data suggest the alues of HOMA indices for diabetes risk in epidemiologic studies.

  • Gestational diabetes mellitus: what should be the next step forward after the HAPO study result?

  • Method 20 diabetes sufferers were used : Yi Tang Kang and routine treatment group in the clinical observe.

  • Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose levels are above normal.

  • Snoring can also be a symptom of diabetes or hypothyroidism.

  • No association was observed between impaired fasting glucose or undiagnosed type 2 diabetes and depressive symptoms.

  • Just over 78 percent were completely free of diabetes symptoms after surgery.

  • Pan Yunlong : Professor, Chief Physician And Director of Endocrinology Department , Special Interests: diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease.

  • Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension also affect the kidneys.

  • Untreated diabetes can lead to blindness, loss of limb function , or death.

  • Many people with diabetes eat or drink too much after a blood glucose reading.

  • The pathologic mechanisms of early complications of diabetes are heterogeneous.

  • The International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization began the event in 1991.

  • Obesity is the common cause type 2 diabetes and other metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Objective To discuss the effect of blood viscosity changes on vascular complications in type 2 diabetes.

  • Objective To observe the efficacy of oral DDAVP ( minirin ) in patients with diabetes insipidus.

  • Researchers say the finding may help explain why obesity alone does not completely explain diabetes risk.

  • The results of this study could be used as a reference for diabetes health education program.

  • Diabetes is caused by a fault in the insulin production of the body.

  • In case of diabetes, physicians advise against the use of sugar.

  • In the past, about a third of the babies born to women with diabetes were lost.

  • He suffered from diabetes and gastric ulcers.

  • Chromium supplements were used successfully in the treatment of diabetes (see Chapter 4).

  • My doctor wants me to be tested for diabetes.

  • People with high blood pressure are especially vulnerable to diabetes.

Meaning of diabetes

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