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  • EN [ daɪˈdʒest , ˈdaɪdʒest]
  • US [ daɪˈdʒest , ˈdaɪdʒest]

English definition


  • 1. a periodical that summarizes the news

  • 2. something that is compiled (as into a single book or file)


  • 1. convert food into absorbable substances;

    • "I cannot digest milk products"
  • 2. arrange and integrate in the mind;

    • "I cannot digest all this information"
  • 3. put up with something or somebody unpleasant;

    • "I cannot bear his constant criticism"
    • "The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks"
    • "he learned to tolerate the heat"
    • "She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage"
  • 4. become assimilated into the body;

    • "Protein digests in a few hours"
  • 5. systematize, as by classifying and summarizing;

    • "the government digested the entire law into a code"
  • 6. soften or disintegrate, as by undergoing exposure to heat or moisture

  • 7. make more concise;

    • "condense the contents of a book into a summary"
  • 8. soften or disintegrate by means of chemical action, heat, or moisture

Example sentences

  • This conduct is more than I can digest.

  • Some foods digest more easily than others.

  • Journalists can digest a story from a good press release in a few minutes.

  • After the dinner brings a newspaper conveniently, Sees to a such digest!

  • Cheese doesn't digest easily.

  • Hepatology Digest: Please give us a brief introduction of the study of ubiquitination of liver disease.

  • Packaging Digest China is jointly published by Reed Business Information and IDG ( International Data Group ).

  • Soybean – Casein Digest Medium is suitable for the culture of both fungi and aerobic bacteria.

  • It often takes long time to digest new ideas.

  • International Digest: Hypermetabolism is a frequent feature of cirrhosis. What are the major causes of this?

  • In dietary instruction, give them fresh food which is easy to digest and nutritious.

  • By a digest, Bob can protect himself.

  • To confirm the integrity, the digital signature is decrypted by sender's key, obtaining the message digest.

  • Hepatology Digest: Do you think HCC is a major indication for living donor liver transplantation ? Why?

  • Fish is easy to digest when you're ill.

  • This meat does not digest well.

  • Every game gives all of us so much to digest.

  • He wrote a digest of the book.

  • Don't give the baby meat to eat, because he cannot digest it.

  • I read only this digest of the novel.

  • The function of the stomach is to digest food sufficiently to enable it to pass into the intestine.

  • Each Reader's Digest condensed book is an abbreviation of an originally longer work.

  • I just cannot digest eggs.

  • You should digest what he said.

  • It often takes a long time to digest new ideas.

  • Humans cannot digest plants such as grass.

  • Do not undertake strenuous exercise for a few hours after a meal to allow food to digest.

  • The organization publishes a regular digest of environmental statistics.

  • She couldn't digest food properly.

  • All this has upset me. I need time to digest it all.

Synonym discrimination

  • absorb, suck, digest, incorporate

  • summary, abstract, digest, outline, resume

Meaning of digest

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