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  • EN [ dɪsˈɪntrəstɪd]
  • US [ dɪsˈɪntrəstɪd]

English definition


  • 1. unaffected by self-interest

Example sentences

  • The concern, of course , was hardly disinterested.

  • He is impartial and disinterested.

  • John has no interest in his studies. He disinterested.

  • Aside from these reasons, a man may simply disinterested in having sex.

  • The chairman of the committee maintained a disinterested position throughout the public hearing.

  • A squiggle implies that you are too busy and disinterested in the letter.

  • My advice is quite disinterested.

  • In financial matter it is important to get disinterested advice.

  • She had not known that men could be so disinterested, chivalrous, in their love for women.

  • You are not some disinterested bystander.

  • He was now playing the role of disinterested host and avuncular mentor.

  • The God makes everyone disinterested.

  • What man as needy as Mr. Quiverful would have been more disinterested?

  • I am quite sure that he acted in this matter from disinterested motives.

  • In contrast, the Utai are largely ignorant and disinterested in worldly or interstellar relations.

  • She was interested in chemistry, but disinterested in physics.

  • He's always on the make; I have never known him do a disinterested action.

  • For instance , one set of manikins represented arousal reactions, ranging from disinterested to excited.

  • Also thank those disinterested limb offering as a tribute of no reputation!

  • An umpire must be an entirely disinterested but keen observer.

  • They then watched a video of the same men with women either smiling or appearing disinterested.

  • The world suffers most from the disinterested tyranny of its well wisher.

  • People's life outlook on values essential features four characters summarization available : Disinterested offer as a tribute.

  • The counselor gave us some disinterested advice.

  • The current sole superpower is far from being a disinterested observer.

  • Lili had clearly regained her appetite but Doran was disinterested in food.

  • Such benevolence, however, was not completely disinterested.

  • We had both become jaded, disinterested, and disillusioned.

Meaning of disinterested

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