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  • EN [ ˈdri:mi]
  • US [ ˈdrimi]

English definition


  • 1. dreamy in mood or nature;

    • "a woolgathering moment"
  • 2. lacking spirit or liveliness;

    • "a lackadaisical attempt"
    • "a languid mood"
    • "a languid wave of the hand"
    • "a hot languorous afternoon"

Example sentences

  • Circumambulate the city of a dreamy Sabbath afternoon ( Herman Melville )

  • I like dreamy music.

  • There was a dreamy look in her mother's face.

  • His sweet talk made her dreamy.

  • It was called Dreamy Blues.

  • We circumambulated the city on a dreamy Sabbath afternoon.

  • With calm, dreamy, almost schzoid logic, she explains that her appearance will be important.

  • It's dreamy color truly reminds me of the opening of Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

  • In his dreamy state , he wondered whether he was in America or in a German camp.

  • The misty scene had a dreamy quality about it.

  • The only way to meet certain speculations is by a dreamy resignation.

  • He led a dreamy existence.

  • Her eyes became dreamy and filled with tears.

  • The effect was dreamy, otherworldy.

  • This is a clean dreamy fairy tale full of color the world of poetry.

  • This interactive work creates a mythic and dreamy atmosphere by the and shadows of the orchids.

  • About Mr. Bantling there was nothing dreamy.

  • They talked to each other in gentle , dreamy voices.

  • I was roused from dreamy thoughts by his footfall.

  • They are dancing to a and dreamy music.

  • She had a dreamy look in her eyes.

  • The music has a dreamy, elegiac quality.

  • He smiled, an odd, dreamy smile that sent chills up my back.

  • He's like some dreamy kid playing on his own.

  • The changes would move the party away from the dreamy leftism that alienated many Japanese.

  • His poetry tended towards a dreamy romanticism.

  • His face assumed a sort of dreamy expression.

  • He idled the time away in dreamy thought.


Meaning of dreamy

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