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  • EN [ ɪ'kɑnə,maɪz]
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Example sentences

  • Hollywood has been talking about economizing on movie budgets.

  • Strengthing Management of Economizing Electricity Enhancing BenefIt'step by Step.

  • We should lose no time in increasing production and economizing.

  • On the other hand, we must increase production and practice economy, with the emphasis on economizing.

  • Economizing on electricity in aluminium electrolysis is one of main research directions in the world.

  • Economizing the resources and protecting the environment has a bearing on our country's sustainable development strategy.

  • The smoke box: Can be convenient to put the fragrant one, graceful, economizing, environmental protection, etc.

  • The illumination control system designed in this article is a new economizing - energy control system.

  • This design has the advantage of having a laconic structure and economizing the hardware resource.

  • Joint venture must implement the principle of economizing on land in their use of sites.

  • A simple model of atmosphere is described for reducing computation load and economizing the EMS memory.

  • I was good at economizing . Since childhood I had known how precious money was.

  • Rationally using, economizing on and protecting resources and increasing the utilization rate of resources.

Meaning of economizing

There is relatively little information about economizing, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!

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