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  • EN [ ˈɪəri]
  • US [ ˈɪri]

English definition


  • 1. suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious;

    • "an eerie feeling of deja vu"
  • 2. so strange as to inspire a feeling of fear;

    • "an uncomfortable and eerie stillness in the woods"
    • "an eerie midnight howl"

Example sentences

  • The eerie struggle of death row inmates as they fact the electric chair.

  • An eerie symbiosis of human and machine effort is also starting to evolve.

  • It's eerie to walk through a dark wood at night.

  • The heartbeat suddenly stopped and an eerie silence descended as Dagen stepped back a pace.

  • His trip . is an eerie nightscape full of rubble and reflexive violence ( Time )

  • Staying on top of a mountain in the Ashau Valley was very eerie especially at night.

  • That night we heard an eerie sound as we were playing cards.

  • In an eerie way, Chris Rock innovates like Amazon does.

  • The clouds cast a shadow and gave everything an eerie light.

  • There were no families wailing. Just an eerie silence.

  • And then there are glaciers, which often look an eerie blue.

  • So you're leaving your best friend alone in an eerie chateau on his first night?

  • The very stealth , the eerie quietness, of the thing makes the early snow more magical.

  • Suddenly it was over. The quietness felt unnatural and an eerie, uneasy feeling gripped us.

  • I had a nightmare last night. Eerie nightmare.

  • The story gave birth to an eerie new image of Diana as a compulsive ambulance chaser.

  • Blisteringly an eerie feeling of unease fills every meticulously composed frame.

  • It's a lovely, eerie film that casts an odd, rapt spell.

  • An eerie, moonlit pianissimo, ever repeating the same figure slightly changed, slowly grows a ff sonoramente.

  • But the eerie vista revealed by Snoop Dog on that 1995 expedition made Cameron hunger for more.

  • In the eerie silence of the cavern.

  • That old house is an eerie place even in the day.

  • The noise level intensifies . The hollering of children deepens and distends into LOW EERIE HOWLS.

  • an eerie yellow light

  • As I entered the corridor which led to my room that eerie feeling came over me.

  • This eerie calm is an illusion.

  • The film has eerie parallels with the drama being played out in real life.


Meaning of eerie

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