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  • EN [ ˈelɪɡənt]
  • US [ ˈelɪɡənt]

English definition


  • 1. refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style;

    • "elegant handwriting"
    • "an elegant dark suit"
    • "she was elegant to her fingertips"
    • "small churches with elegant white spires"
    • "an elegant mathematical solution--simple and precise and lucid"
  • 2. suggesting taste, ease, and wealth

  • 3. of seemingly effortless beauty in form or proportion

  • 4. refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court;

    • "a courtly gentleman"

Example sentences

  • She was an elegant and accomplished woman.

  • A man's demeanor is high and elegant.

  • She has become a grotesque parody of her former elegant self.

  • She glittered at the elegant table.

  • The design on this quilt cover is quite elegant.

  • Despite its immensity, it is both simple and elegant, fulfilling its designer's dream to create'an enormous object drawn as faintly as possible.

  • She dressed with elegant simplicity.

  • She has a life of elegant ease.

  • Some of the embroideries are in bold , bright colours ; others are quietly elegant.

  • Putting on a hat can be a ceremonious act, an elegant gesture in the ritual of dressing.

  • Her house was elegant and her table danity.

  • She was an elegant and accomplished woman.

  • She is always so chic, so elegant.

  • the restaurant's elegant new decor

  • She was tall and elegant.

  • He looked relaxed and elegant and had the patina of success.

  • an elegant Georgian town house

  • He looked like a miniature version of his handsome and elegant big brother.

  • Lord White is as sleek and elegant as any other multi millionaire businessman.

  • Older women look best in classically elegant styles.

  • The day before announcing his farewell to business, Sir James talked to me in his extravagantly elegant Paris home.

  • She produces elegant wedding gowns in a variety of sumptuous fabrics.

  • An elegant occasional table is framed in the window.

  • She brought in a tray heavy with elegant sandwiches, scones and cakes.

  • Two elegant Scotsmen travelling together wore dashing kilts at dinner.

  • His mother was an elegant, cultivated woman.

  • He puffed constantly through an elegant cigarette holder.

  • He was a baroque figure dressed in theatrical, but elegant, clothes.

  • Rodney was a cheerful, elegant and gregarious if rather contentious man.


Meaning of elegant

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