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  • EN [ ˈempaɪə(r)]
  • US [ ˈempaɪər]

English definition


  • 1. the domain ruled by an emperor or empress

  • 2. a group of countries under a single authority;

    • "the British empire"
  • 3. a monarchy with an emperor as head of state

  • 4. a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization

Example sentences

  • What made the Roman Empire decay?

  • The ancient Romans extended their empire into Asia.

  • Her efforts were justly rewarded with a British Empire Medal.

  • That country had absorbed the small states into her empire.

  • The Thirty Year's War nearly caused the breakup of the empire.

  • When did the empire begin to wane?

  • The mighty empire finally crumbled.

  • When did the Roman Empire come into being?

  • The 5 th century saw the end of the Roman Empire in the West.

  • What caused the Roman Empire to decay?

  • The British Empire flourished in the 19 th century.

  • This defeat led to the disintegration of the empire.

  • The Japanese empire was quickly dismantled.

  • The Empire State Building is a familiar landmark on the New York skyline.

  • His widow has taken over the running of his empire, including six London theatres.

  • The Roman Empire was divided in the fourth century AD.

  • The Roman Empire was overrun by Nordic barbarians.

  • He now controls the largest retail development empire in southern California.

  • Our lives have straddled a period of greater change than perhaps any since the end of the Roman Empire.

  • Many investors must be hoping that he will be dethroned, his publishing empire dismembered.

  • The new Turkish republic he helped to build emerged from the ruins of a great empire.

  • The empire had for years been falling into decadence.

  • The dead tycoon's sons will remain in their plush offices overseeing the death throes of the family empire.

  • The subject peoples of her empire were anxious for their own independence.

  • You have built up a huge property empire by buying from wretched people who had to sell or starve.

  • The French empire had expanded largely through military conquest.

  • His business empire collapsed under a massive burden of debt.

  • He eventually constructed a business empire which ran to Thailand and Singapore.


Meaning of empire

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