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  • EN [ ˈdʒɒsl]
  • US [ ˈdʒɑsl]

Definition of jostle

    • 0 VERB

      If people jostle you, they bump against you or push you in a way that annoys you, usually because you are in a crowd and they are trying to get past you.

      • You get 2,000 people jostling each other and bumping into furniture...

      • We spent an hour jostling with the crowds as we did our shopping...

    • 1 VERB

      If people or things are jostling for something such as attention or a reward, they are competing with other people or things in order to get it.

      • ...the contenders who have been jostling for the top job...

      • There is a wide spread of stories jostling for coverage on today's front pages.

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Meaning of jostle

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