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  • EN [ ɪn'reɪdʒd]
  • US [ 'ɪnredgd]

English definition


  • 1. marked by extreme anger;

    • "the enraged bull attached"
    • "furious about the accident"
    • "a furious scowl"
    • "infuriated onlookers charged the police who were beating the boy"
    • "could not control the maddened crowd"

Example sentences

  • The enraged crowd stoned the car, then set it on fire.

  • I was enraged to find they had disobeyed my orders.

  • She was enraged at his insult.

  • He looked away, apparently enraged.

  • " Mammy getting ole,'said Dilcey, with a calmness that would have enraged Mammy.

  • Mr. Wang was too enraged to finish.

  • Suddenly the enraged elephant burst from the jungle and charged toward us.

  • He was so enraged that his face resembled a red flag.

  • He was enraged that he was shut out.

  • Flemming is enraged by this slur.

  • The pettiness of their criticisms enraged him.

  • The dragon was enraged at the woman.

  • He was enraged to hear the news.

  • And that enraged her too.

  • He was enraged at the waste.

Meaning of Enraged

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