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  • EN [ ɪnˈrəʊl]
  • US [ ɪnˈroʊl]

English definition


  • 1. register formally as a participant or member;

    • "The party recruited many new members"

Example sentences

  • You can enroll for any of our courses online.

  • He was the first Negro ever to enroll there.

  • We shall enroll people to train as teachers.

  • Enroll now, we only have 30 seats for you!

  • He enroll , enroled in college.

  • Student: Yes, I'd like to enroll for the English training course.

  • Can I enroll in the spring term?

  • You were sent tHere because HigH scHools wouldn't enroll you anymore.

  • There are also private schools which charge fees and enroll their students by entrance examinations.

  • The school is expensive and does not permit Indonesian students to enroll.

  • You try to enroll early for that class.

  • I should like to enroll all my children in the swimming class.

  • Patients with localized cancer should be offered the chance enroll in clinical trials if they qualify.

  • You administrator has configured your computer to automatically enroll new certificates.

  • Applicants who enroll for more than one course should issue a separate cheque course.

  • China's universities and colleges generally enroll only outstanding middle school students or the equivalent.

  • I must enroll the children for piano lessons before next week.

  • Is a minimum or maximum number of hours that I should enroll in?

  • They enroll him as a member of the club.

  • S 4 students have the opportunities to enroll in Applied Learning courses 7.

  • Enroll on the Electoral Register and vote at Federal and State elections and referendums.

  • About 500 students were newly enroll, enroled in the school.

  • Our program is available in weeks and you can enroll for any number of weeks.

  • So the government should undertake the responsibility and the university should enroll him.

  • Excuse me, could you help ne? I would like to enroll in thiss cooking class?

  • We may enroll another two classes of 20 students each.

  • The Hong Kong Institute of Directors ( HKIoD ) welcomes members and to enroll for training courses.

  • Please enroll me in the contest.


Meaning of enroll

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