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Example sentences

  • Solid is entrained by rising bubbles to form the bubble wave.

  • Once a particle has been detached, it must be entrained before it can bew transported away.

  • By using cyclone separators to return the entrained solids, even higher gas velocities can be used.

  • The major characteristic of multi - burners opposed entrained - flow gasifier is impinging flame.

  • PDF model was employed to simulate the gasification process of oil in impinging entrained flow gasifier.

  • Entrained - flow gasification of coal water slurry is the key technology of clean utilization of coal.

  • Air can exist in oil in three different states: dissolved, entrained and foam.

  • Entrained air in oil is comprised of tiny air bubbles suspended in the oil.

  • There were two problems that flue gases entrained water and flue dust concentration exceeded discharge standard.

Meaning of entrained

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