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  • EN [ ɪˈrəʊniəs]
  • US [ ɪˈroʊniəs]

English definition


  • 1. containing or characterized by error;

    • "erroneous conclusions"
    • "the answer was inaccurate"

Example sentences

  • This hazy " phlogiston theory, " this erroneous conception of burning, led chemistry along a completely false trail.

  • Gradually, the supporters of the erroneous doctrine fell away.

  • Taking up the challenge, he wrote an article to refute his erroneous views.

  • I thought my answer was correct, but it was erroneous.

  • Some of the erroneous pictures of America are painted by others.

  • The result of your report is an erroneous conclusion.

  • In reality, also has in some understanding in the erroneous zone and the procedure deviation.

  • Fail to make correction a financial report which he knows to contain false or erroneous informations.

  • This view is completely erroneous.

  • They qualified his opinion as erroneous.

  • It is for this reason that I often refer to erroneous views in this pamphlet.

  • You ought to examine yourself honestly and find out the source of your erroneous views.

  • The newspaper published a retraction of the erroneous report.

  • We must criticize this erroneous view.

  • Proper measures were taken as soon as the erroneous ideas cropped up.

  • We have been in the time lock in the erroneous zone.

  • In no circumstances should erroneous ideas be allowed to spread unchecked.

  • This lack of accurate information leads to some erroneous conclusions.

  • No erroneous ideas should be allowed to spread unchecked.

  • He has an erroneous opinion about the problem.

  • The Federal Reserve is pursuing a policy of inflation out of an erroneous fear of deflation.

  • Their theories were once dismissed as erroneous.

  • It's erroneous to assume that the press always prints the truth.

  • Though expressed out of the best intentions to help, they may be erroneous or detrimental.

  • That's what I know and I suggest all other reports are erroneous.

  • In current popular usuage it often means merely a corpus of erroneous but widely held beliefs.

  • Some people have the erroneous notion that one can contract AIDS by giving blood.


Meaning of erroneous

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