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  • EN [ ɒn]
  • US [ ɑːn]

Definici��n inglesa


  • 1. in operation or operational;

    • "left the oven on"
    • "the switch is in the on position"
  • 2. (of events) planned or scheduled;

    • "the picnic is on, rain or shine"
    • "we have nothing on for Friday night"
  • 3. performing or scheduled for duties;

    • "I'm on from five to midnight"
    • "Naval personnel on duty in Alaska"
    • "her on-duty hours were 11p.m. to 7 a.m."


  • 1. with a forward motion;

    • "we drove along admiring the view"
    • "the horse trotted along at a steady pace"
    • "the circus traveled on to the next city"
    • "move along"
    • "march on"
  • 2. indicates continuity or persistence or concentration;

    • "his spirit lives on"
    • "shall I read on?"
  • 3. in a state required for something to function or be effective;

    • "turn the lights on"
    • "get a load on"

Oraciones de ejemplo

  • In a pinch, you could get home on foot.

  • The river slows on the flat bottom.

  • He leaped on to the platform with a thump.

  • They advised the peasants on how to use the machine.

  • I shall have to read up on this subject if I am to give a talk about it.

  • Success often depends on temperament.

  • She first appeared on the screen ten years ago.

  • The whole incident was recorded on film.

  • He stumbled blindly on through the dark building.

  • I felt a touch on my arm.

  • They just handed the game to the other team on a plate.

  • She would pinch on food in order to spend on clothing.

  • By frugality she managed to get along on her small salary.

  • The letter ended on a cheerful note.

  • Production has already been put on the right track.

  • He stepped on my toes.

  • Much of the skin on her arm was abraded.

  • He hates leaving the office and going on holiday.

  • There hangs straight on the wall of this grocery a service pledge.

  • He stated his views on the question at the meeting.

  • The king was attended upon [ on ] by a number of servants.

  • He jumped on me for not agreeing with him.

  • The lamp stands on a circular base.

  • The diamond ring glittered on his finger.

  • The boy's manner of speech jarred on the teacher, who came from a different part of the country.

  • Smith has run away from home, but his family are putting a good face on it.

  • Sylvia does not get on with the supervisor and the danger is that he will trump up some charge to discredit her.

  • The firm signed on fifty more workers last week.

  • She has been on the stage for over thirty years.

  • After having spent wholemornings on the river, I always go home with an empey bag.

Colocaci��n de frases

  • be on about

    (Brit. informal)talk about tediously and at length

    • she's always on about doing one's duty.

  • be on at someone

    (Brit. informal)nag or grumble at someone

  • be on to someone

    (informal)be close to discovering the truth about an illegal or undesirable activity that someone is engaging in

  • be on to something

    (informal)have an idea or information that is likely to lead to an important discovery

  • it's not on

    (informal)it's impractical or unacceptable

  • on it

    (Austral. informal)drinking heavily

  • on side

    supporting or part of the same team as aomeome else

  • on to

    moving to a location on (the surface of something)

    • they went up on to the ridge.

    moving aboard (a public service vehicle) with the intention of travelling in it

    • we got on to the train.

  • what are you on?

    (informal)said to express incredulity at someone's behaviour, with the implication that they must be under the influence of drugs

  • you're on

    (informal)said by way of accepting a challenge or bet

  • be on to&I{【俚语】}

    To be aware of or have information about

    • You'll never deceive us again; we're on to you.

  • on and off


  • on and on

    Without stopping; continuously.


  • on a bum


    • The kids are out on a bum at some school-sponsored dancing party.

  • on the razzle


    • Your wife was in England,and you went on the razzle with Leo.

  • on the hot seat


    • The poor jerk's on the hot seat for for getting to shut the safe.

    • If you're in the hot seat, he'll fight for you.

  • on a hiding to nothing


    • l know they are on a hiding to nothing.

  • on the outer


    • And you're on the outer for sticking up for him?

  • on the lam

    在潜逃中(的),脱逃 (的),被通缉(的)

    • So I went on the lam.


    • The girl took it on the lam.

  • have a crush on somebody


    • She has a crush on the new gym mistress.

  • where on earth


    • Where on earth is my book?

    • Where on God's green earth did you get that queer hat?

  • fire on


    • Your behaviour will fire on the whole family.

  • put on the fritz


    • The orchestra put that dance number on the fritz.

  • put somebody on the stake


    • The hooligan puts peddlers on the stake monthly.

  • Go on!


    • Go on! You don't really know what you are talking about!

    • Oh,go on, I'm not that good!

  • not on your life


    • A: Drink that? B: Not on your life!

  • rain on somebodys parade


    • She really rained on our parade.

    • I hate to rain on your parade,but your plans are all wrong.

  • switch on


    • She saw her child and immediately switched on.

    • That music really switched me on!


    • Most kids I know switched on when they went to high school.


    • There was some old man who seemed to get pleasure from getting kids to switch on. Maybe he was a dealer.

  • on the bleeding edge


    • This gadget is brand new. It's really on the bleeding edge.

  • get a hump on


    • Get a hump on with that assignment,OK?

  • on the stump


    • The men running for presidency were on the stump in their home states.

    • He is very effective on the stump.

  • dance on air


    • It doesn't cost me a thing to make you dance on air.

  • on the same wavelength


    • We're not on the same wavelength. Let's try again.

    • We kept talking until we were on the same wavelength.

    • Finding a restaurant on your wavelength is easy.

  • flat on ones ass


    • He blew his pay pack, and he's flat on his ass.

    • That company's a loser.flat on its ass.

  • on the rims


    • The company went on the rims.

  • (One’s) ass is on the line.


    • I better be right this time, because my ass is on the line.

  • on the piss


    • Well,I guess I'll go on the piss tonight.

  • come out on top


    • Who came out on top in the poll?

  • ease on


    • He started easing on down the road.

  • on ice


    • The deal's on ice.

    • With their lead, they had the game on ice.


    • If this one fails,I've got another on ice.

    • That's a great idea,but we'll have to put it on ice until we can afford to put it into action.


    • A couple of days on ice would do you fine.


    • This movie stinks on ice.

  • put on the dog


    • Frank's really putting on the dog for the big party Friday night.

  • on the take


    • Everyone in city halt is on the take.

    • I heard that the mayor was accused of being on the take.

  • impact on


    • The cut will nut impact on our department.

  • on spec


    • A: Is he expecting you? B: No, we just came on spec.

  • on the juice


    • She won't be able to return your call. I'm afraid she's on the juice again.

  • on the needle


    • Once your're on the needle, you've had it.

  • tie a bag on


    • You still tie a bag on now and again.

    • Davy had just one more drink, and then he got a hag on.

  • put the chill on somebody


    • She was pretty snooty till we all put the chill on her.

    • I sent him a real snorter, because he really quite put the chill on me.


    • Moyer had the chill put on Stein.

  • on the make


    • The rookies are very much on the make.

    • She associated with men on the make.

    • That young lawyer is sure on the make.


    • Whether they are on the make,and they all are.

    • You mean he was still on the make? At his age?

  • put a move on


    • He stopped everything to put a move on that Russian woman.

  • talk on the big white phone


    • One more beer and I'm gonna have to go talk on the big white phone.

  • death on something


    • This kind of road is just death on tyres.

    • This candy is death on my teeth.


    • He is way fast——just death on wheels.

    • Pete is death on skis. You ought to see him go.

  • on ones ass


    • He lost three jobs, and now he's on his ass.

    • His company went bankrupt, and he's on his ear now.

  • put the freeze on somebody


    • Women are quick to put the freeze on freeloaders.

Discriminación de sinónimos

  • above, on, over

  • at, in, on


Significado de on

Hay relativamente poca información sobre on, tal vez puedas ver una historia bilingüe para relajar tu estado de ánimo, te deseo un feliz día!

Lectura bilingüe del día

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • Una mujer entra a una tienda de mascotas y ve un lindo perrito. Ella le pregunta al comerciante: "¿Su perro muerde?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • El tendero dice: "No, mi perro no muerde".
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • La mujer intenta acariciar al perro y el perro la muerde.
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • "¡Ay!" Ella dice: "¡Pensé que habías dicho que tu perro no muerde!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
  • El tendero responde: "¡Ese no es mi perro!"
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