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  • EN [ ˈeskəleɪtə(r)]
  • US [ ˈɛskəˌletɚ]

English definition


  • 1. a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc. depending on certain conditions (as a change in the cost of living index)

  • 2. a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt

Example sentences

  • Take the escalator on your right.

  • Manage complete jig in escalator factory, and compile operation manual and maintenance instruction about jig.

  • Go downstairs through Exit B; turn around and take the escalator downstairs.

  • Well be in a store and hed run up the escalator.

  • Take the escalator over there and turn right, you'll see the sign.

  • You can ride the escalator up but have to descend on foot.

  • The loss of control of any passenger escalator, lift or moving path.

  • Door window, wall, kitchen window, glass portioning , glass shower bathroom, escalator, fumiture decoration, and so on.

  • IEEE 2010 is the third times exhibition for elevator and escalator held in India Mumbai.

  • The building was equiped with escalator.

  • Finally, they arrive at a station which they leave by escalator.

  • She is on the escalator to stardom.

  • Excuse me. Where's the escalator?

  • Take that escalator over there and turn left, you can see the sign.

  • The escalator is very long, and the lighting is original.

  • Take the escalator and then go to the right.

  • Appointed mechanical engineering for drive, skirting , cover design and escalator nonstandard design.

  • Can be set as ascending or descending. Escalator break can be shown or hidden.

  • ADRail ? is a quality, reliable product designed by escalator handrail experts.

  • Oscillations could render the escalator unclimbable, and it may be a terrorist target.

  • Warner Electric is a leader in elevator and escalator brake technology.

  • EHC handrails are approved by all major escalator handrail manufacturers.

  • Please take the escalator, the medicine you need is on the second floor.

  • You clear your ears prior to stepping on a down escalator.

  • I don't like escalator — I'll climb the stairs.

  • Elevated Gallery connects with main building , second floor of weapon store and Central Escalator.

  • The first thing you touch is still not goods but the handrail of escalator.

  • The first escalator was introduced at Earls Court in 1911.

  • Helen: You can either take the escalator or the elevator. The elevator is right there.

  • I pushed through the crowds and on to the escalator.


Meaning of escalator

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