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  • EN [ ˈfækʃn]
  • US [ ˈfækʃn]

English definition


  • 1. a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue

  • 2. a dissenting clique

Example sentences

  • However the trick we have added is that Alignment influences which faction you can join.

  • Faction almost broke up the club.

  • City tip: If you attack the Hammers or Pagans, your faction status will decline.

  • At that time, the ruling Jacobin faction leader Robespierre strongly supports this request.

  • Captured villages offer recruits from your faction.

  • Same faction players in stealth are seeable by any other player of that faction.

  • For more information on our Faction Change service, please visit the following link.

  • A terrorist faction founded in the Middle East, this group has a reputation for ruthlessness.

  • A senior official in the Palestinian Fatah affection faction is said to be among the dead.

  • The Achesons are frank where they imagine that frankness will benefit their party or faction.

  • Ji faction within the painting: The painting is a unique traditional Chinese art forms.

  • Which faction is best for offense?

  • Relevant fighters and warships area which Citizens faction uses.

  • A fervent , sometimes militant supporter or proponent of a party , cause , faction , person , or idea.

  • And , of course , all the dark side adepts will choose that faction.

  • They were trying to from a faction behind the curtain.

  • The progressive faction demanded a reserve system and currency supply owned and controlled by the government.

  • New Game Mechanics including Feron Bloodthirst, a faction based armory, and more.

  • The first faction to capture three enemy flags before time expires will win the battle.

  • Relevant fighters and warships area which Trade Alliance faction uses.

  • Meanwhile, a faction of the group that said it carried out the attack has defended assault.

  • Faction ammo can now be sold on the market.

  • Alleged history azimuth , show the faction develops the located seat in tide in the history namely.

  • Guanshanyue is a famous master of South China painting faction.

  • They attacked a stronghold of a clan aligned with the faction , and gunmen there returned fire.

Meaning of faction

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