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  • EN [ fəˈleɪʃəs]
  • US [ fəˈleʃəs]

English definition


  • 1. containing or based on a fallacy;

    • "fallacious reasoning"
    • "an unsound argument"
  • 2. intended to deceive;

    • "deceitful advertising"
    • "fallacious testimony"
    • "smooth, shining, and deceitful as thin ice" - S.T.Coleridge
    • "a fraudulent scheme to escape paying taxes"
  • 3. based on an incorrect or misleading notion or information;

    • "fallacious hope"

Example sentences

  • A fallacious or illogical argument or conclusion.

  • The earlier belief that the Sun moves round the Earth was fallacious.

  • I persuade myself that nothing has ever existed all that my fallacious memory represents to me.

  • The argument is fallacious, for it is based on a set of factual flaws.

  • Common sense tells us, this kind of sound may have break biasedding is fallacious even.

  • But, forward much make a move became the truth fallacious.

  • Many people have the fallacious belief that touching someone with AIDS will infect them.

  • His fallacious reasoning annoyed all the people present.

  • Nothing is so fallacious as fact, except figures.

  • A fallacious proof was accepted as correct for a decade.

  • Nothing is so fallacious as facts, except figures.

  • Nothing can be more fallacious than this kind of argument.

  • The idea that it is better to keep their identity a secret is fallacious.

  • Chen's pictures illustrate the fallacious relationship between collective memory and individual memory.

  • While new forms appear constantly, the fallacious structure of the commercial form is gradually obvious.

  • A close scrutiny of these arguments would reveal how fallacious they are.

  • Gauss showed him that the proof was fallacious.

  • Each of the three links in this equation is fallacious , of course.

  • Don't be misled by the fallacious advertisement.


Meaning of fallacious

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