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  • EN [ ˈfɔːlti]
  • US [ ˈfɔːlti]

English definition


  • 1. characterized by errors;

    • "he submitted a faulty report"
  • 2. having a defect;

    • "I returned the appliance because it was defective"

Example sentences

  • " I suppose my memory is getting faulty.

  • The faulty ignition switch can cause a car's engine to stall.

  • Our holiday photos didn't come out, eg because the film was faulty.

  • Is the vendor always held responsible if goods are faulty?

  • People are inspired for victory, regretted for faulty and proud of participation.

  • We traced the trouble to a faulty transformer.

  • The salesman duped her into buying a faulty computer.

  • His factory made faulty goods and deserved the punishment.

  • Do we discard, like faulty merchandise, this life we have created?

  • Faulty ATC control module ( if the vehicle is so equipped )

  • The plan is faulty in every respect.

  • This particular error is often due to a faulty hard disk.

  • The new TV is faulty in design.

  • The couple were suffocated by fumes from a faulty gas fire.

  • The accident has been assigned to a faulty part in the engine of the bus.

  • Everybody bought some just because the goods were cheap; but they turned out to be faulty — they say fools rush in.

  • There is a faulty connection in the fusebox.

  • Faulty: Not be moved, but was attracted unconsciously.

  • Objective To avoid a faulty pharmacy medicine distribution and to eliminate medical accidents as well.

  • A builder from nearby Meishan City recognized the faulty columns and flooring problems.

  • His article was faulty.

  • This faulty connection is the source of the engine trouble.

  • The car accident was attributed to faulty brakes.

  • Ask for a refund if the goods are faulty.

  • Perhaps anger had clouded his vision, perhaps his judgment had been faulty.

  • Their interpretation was faulty — they had misinterpreted things.

  • The gauge must be giving a faulty reading.



Meaning of faulty

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