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  • EN [ fiːt]
  • US [ fiːt]

English definition


  • 1. a notable achievement;

    • "he performed a great deed"
    • "the book was her finest effort"

Example sentences

  • Such feat is made without donator of which a huge sum of money before this.

  • You will soon amaze the world with your brilliant feat.

  • Man's first landing on the moon was a feat of great daring.

  • This was a grand feat and allows for resurrection and ascension today.

  • He received a medal for his heroic feat.

  • Lost in the Crowd [ Half ling ] is a feat that only half lings can take.

  • This is old amerce exclusively, still returned the feat that violates compasses article.

  • But getting a guy to bare his soul is no easy feat.

  • But only the USA had achieved the feat of landing man onto the lunar surface.

  • Joe: The artefact to indorse yourself is to undergo when somethings feat to happen.

  • Feat match game, thick soup stew. 16 –18 degrees drink the best.

  • How on earth can one accomplish such a feat?

  • The trick then, is to choose lean protein and fortunately, that's a relatively easy feat.

  • Dragging the fully laden boat across the sand dunes was no mean feat.

  • It was quite a feat for her to swim across the river.

  • Occasionally, special rules apply to a feat.

  • The rear seats are elevated a feat made possible by Aveo's high roof.

  • He did a marvellous feat.

  • It was quit a feat to move that piano by yourself.

  • He accomplished [ achieved , did ] a marvellous feat.

  • The acrobat's feat took the audience's breath away.

  • The Countess announced her willingness to undertake this feat.

  • Dancing on a rope is an acrobatic feat.

  • The tunnel is a brilliant feat of engineering.

  • The feat won them a prize of £85,000.

  • He performed a sensational acrobatic feat.

Meaning of feat

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